Canvas Course

Beginner Course We assume you haven’t used Canvas yet except how you login to your schools Canvas instance. Email communication is available to help every step of the way for any questions that arrive before the class. WhatWe begin with the basics of how to set up your basic settings and your Homepage then on…

Photo Course

Learn to clean and update your old photos. Learn about image size and layers. Understand image types and uses. Add or remove images or people from pictures. Fix a selfie. Create an ad. Learn the power of a thousand words! (a picture is worth a thousand words.) Come to class with your favorite old photos.

Phone Course

Learn to use your Phone as a toy or a tool. Learn to use your Android phone.

3D Printing Course

Learn to use your 3D Printer as a toy or a tool. Learn to clean, maintain and to use your 3D Printer.

New Computer Course

Take our new 4 week Course to learn the in and outs of your home computer or laptop. We will teach you how to use native tools, The internet and email.  No worries. most people think they know but we are happy to bring you a range of knowledge that not only will help you…